March: Java 7 Language Features

With the (long awaited) announcement that JDK7 is getting close, we would love to have a talk on Java 7 language features. So, an anonymous regular has donated travel expenses to bring Bruce Chapman from the JSR 334 (Small Enhancements to the JavaTM Programming Language) (a.k.a Project coin) Expert Group to Wellington to speak to us. Bruce will cover the nitty gritty of the new language features coming up in Java 7, and gloss over the other main features, and display his absolute inability to fathom any understanding at all of invoke dynamic details from JSR 292, while still convincing you that it is indeed a good, ye even exciting, thing.

Speaker: Bruce Chapman

Bruce Chapman has been developing in Java since 1998, predominantly building telecommunication systems. Bruce was a member of the JSR 269 (annotation processing) expert group, and currently serves on JSR 334 (Coin language changes) expert group. His interest is primarily in the SE space but has also worked on ME and EE projects.


Wednesday, March 16: 5:00 for 5:15 - 6:30pm


This meeting is hosted by:
6th floor
NEC House
corner Taranaki and Manners Streets

The Java User Group thanks our host!

Wednesday, 16th.
March, 2011

5.00pm for 5:15 - 6:30pm

6th Floor,
NEC House,
cnr Taranaki and Manners Sts