Dennis Sosnoski spoke on JiBX.

JiBX provides fast and flexible conversions between Java objects and XML. It's been used for years in travel and financial industries where enormous volumes of XML need to be processed on a daily basis, and is now seeing increasing use for Web services of all types. The new Jibx2Wsdl tool furthers this trend, allowing existing code to easily be exposed as Web services with clean XML schemas and automatic documentation export. The companion Wsdl2Jibx tool now in development offers the same level of functionality when starting from a WSDL service definition.

For this meeting, Dennis started with an overview of JiBX usage and operation, then dug into the details of using JiBX for Web services. He covered using JiBX with both the Apache Axis2 Web services framework and the light-weight JibxSoap framework, and provided a demonstration of the performance differences between the two approaches. Dennis will finished with a look at some of the new work in development for JiBX, including the code and binding generation from schema definitions that's going into JiBX 1.2.

Speaker: Dennis Sosnoski

Dennis Sosnoski is an internationally recognized expert on SOA and Web services in Java. He's been helping organizations worldwide with their XML and Web services projects for the last 8 years, and for the last two years Dennis has been advising companies on how to best align their development efforts with the SOA approach. He's active in the Java community, a frequent speaker at conferences world-wide, a writer for IBM developerWorks Java and SOA/Web services zones, a member of the expert groups that guided the development of the JAXB 2.0 and JAX-WS 2.0 Java standards, and an open source developer on both Apache Web services and independent projects.


Host: Equinox

The Wellington Java User Group thanks our hosts!

Wednesday, 2nd.
May, 2007

5.00pm for 5:15-6:45pm

Level 5, Equinox House 111 The Terrace Wellington

In our ongoing tradition, after this talk we intend to repair to a pub for some light R&R. All who would like to discuss points raised during the talk in a more congenial atmosphere are welcome!