OOPSLA Preview

Errol Thompson and Chris Andreae will use this talk as preparation for the upcoming OOPSLA conference.

Topic: JavaCop: A Framework for Implementing Pluggable Type Systems

Presenter: Chris Andreae

Abstract: Pluggable types have been proposed to support multiple type systems in the same programming language. We have designed and implemented JavaCOP, a program constraint system for implementing practical pluggable type systems for Java. JavaCOP enforces user-defined typing constraints written in a declarative and expressive rule language. We have validated our design by (re)implementing a range of type systems and program checkers. By using a program constraint system to implement pluggable types, programmers are able to check that their programs will operate correctly in restricted environments, adhere to strict programming rules, avoid null pointer errors or scoped memory exceptions, and meet style guidelines, while programming language researchers can easily experiment with novel type systems.

Bio: Chris Andreae (chris.andreae@mcs.vuw.ac.nz) is a Research Assistant in Computer Science at Victoria University of Wellington. Chris has just completed his BSc(Hons) degree. Chris' research interests include: programming languages and object-oriented systems.

Topic: Influences on writing programs

Presenter: Errol Thompson

Abstract: Errol will review the research that he is doing on the learning of object-oriented programming with emphasis on perceptions of the task. He will discuss the issues based on how we perceive whether a program uses object-oriented techniques. Errol's work is based on the difficulty of teaching object-oriented practices to novice programmers. To improve the learning he is exploring the conceptions that experienced programmers and novice programmers bring to the task and the differences in the way that they approach the programming task.

Bio: Errol Thompson is an information systems lecturer at Massey University. He is currently researching the topic of improving learning in object-oriented programming. His home page can be found at: http://www.massey.ac.nz/~elthomps/



The Wellington Java User Group thanks our hosts!

Wednesday, 11th. October, 2006

5.00pm for 5:15-6:30pm

Level 9
22-28 Willeston Street

In our ongoing tradition, after this talk we intend to repair to a pub for some light R&R. All who would like to discuss points raised during the talk in a more congenial atmosphere are welcome!

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