Topic: Swing is Easy, Yeah, Right!

Swing has a reputation of been harder than getting a Select Committee to investigate the behavior of a Labor MP.

Most Java developers hope never to have to grapple with the mysteries of the GridBagLayout with the result that Swing has become the poor cousin of the Java family.

However we believe that with the correct tools and framework Swing can be easily used to develop highly usable applications.

This talk gives a brief outline of the current state of the Swing world, explains how to unit test Swing applications and how to use JGoodies to implement a multi-layered application.

Speaker: Richard Schmidt

Carbon based life form, believed intelligent, mostly harmless. Square shaped, limb on every corner.

Migrates daily to and from a small enclosure to a larger one by entering a small moveable enclosure. While at large enclosure claims to be building something that doesn't physically exist.

Strongly believes it needs to reassess its suspected intelligence level.



The Wellington Java User Group thanks our hosts!

Wednesday, 13th. September, 2006

5.00pm for 5:15-6:30pm

Level 9
22-28 Willeston Street

In our ongoing tradition, after this talk we intend to repair to a pub for some light R&R. All who would like to discuss points raised during the talk in a more congenial atmosphere are welcome!

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