Topic: Unit Testing -

Love It or Hate It, You Should Be Doing It Automatically

Everyone agrees unit testing is a good idea but only a handful of businesses really do it successfully.

Why? Because it can be time consuming and costly.

One of the ways you can address both of these problems is automation. This presentation talks about why you need to be unit testing and how you can make it succeed.

Included will be some of the best practices of unit testing, case studies of success and failure, and some demonstrations of how automation can make a difference.

This is a follow-up to the talk done by Jeffrey Fredrick in March and will provide a hands-on demo.

Speaker: Nigel Charman

Nigel has been using Java since version 1.0. He is currently working with Assurity Consulting to provide consultancy and training with the Agitar product set.

He is also "keeping his hands dirty" as a freelance Java developer, and is developing an information infrastructure, based on the convergence of content management and database management technologies.

Unexpected Bonus

To publicise the new O'Reilly PDF guides we have a copy of "Ajax Hacks" to give away.



Wednesday, 14th. June, 2006

5.00pm for 5:15-6:30pm

Level 9
22-28 Willeston Street

In our ongoing tradition, after this talk we intend to repair to a pub for some light R&R. All who would like to discuss points raised during the talk in a more congenial atmosphere are welcome!

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