Topic: J2ME, an introduction

Now that Bill Gates is threatening to develop a cell phone that will bring computing to the masses in developing nations, isn't it time that we all become a little more familiar with the dominant development environment for these devices?

This presentation will be an introduction to that environment: J2ME.

It will cover the concepts, the tools and some of the issues. By the end of the presentation you will have enough information to start building your own cell phone applications.

So do come along and join us in exploring that brave new "any time, any where" world.

Speaker: Martin Paulo

Martin has been involved in the IT field for 18 years, and has been developing Java based software for the last 5. He has a Bachelors degree in Physics with Electronics and Computer Science from Rhodes University. His experiences in developing, deploying and supporting applications range from mission critical software in third world environments to first world legal practice management systems. Along the way he has worked with biometrics, radar systems, cash dispensers and general ledgers.

When younger, Martin didn't understand why people watched soap opera on television. Now he finds himself enthralled and spellbound by the ongoing human drama of the IT world. Thus he has developed a deep interest in the business side of software development.

Martin is currently a director of Kyessa Limited, a small entrepreneurial firm focused on products and components for the distributed "anytime, anywhere" world promised by J2ME.

Wednesday, 8th February, 2006

5.00pm for 5:15-6:30pm

Level 9
22-28 Willeston Street